Children’s Game #36: Kujunkuluka

Tabacongo, DR Congo, 2022; 5:24 min
In collaboration with Julien Devaux, Félix Blume, Kajila Ntambu, and Douglas Masamuna


Many of us played this as kids, spinning on the spot until collapsing. In a group there’s a competitive element, each tries to be the last one still upright; but it’s only, always, about inner sensation. A crazy, soaring dizziness, a drugless altered state, glimpsed in the unseeing inwardness of some eyes that remain half-open. Arms outstretch like wings, amplifying and balancing the whirl of abandon. To the soft beat of unconsciously synchronised steps, the camera moves down to capture long shadows, like images of the disembodiment being felt: ghostly rotations among the sand stones bare feet don’t feel.

Lorna Scott Fox

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