Wet feet __ dry feet: borders and games

Tai Kwun Contemporary, 2021

Children’s Games

Eye Filmmuseum, 2020

La Dépense

Subtitle, 2018

Ciudad Juarez Projects

Ciudad Juarez Projects, 2016

Le Temps du Sommeil

Secession, 2016

A Story of Negotiation

Museo Tamayo, 2015


Electa, 2014

Painter of Mirages

Ludion, 2013

Don’t Cross the Bridge Before You Get to the River

Seigensha, 2013

In a Given Situation

Tornado, 2010

Politics of Rehearsal

Hammer Museum, 2007

A Story of Deception

Patagonien, 2006

Walking Distance from the Studio

San Ildefonso, 2006

The Historic Centre of Mexico City

Turner, 2006

The Modern Procession

Public Art Fund, 2004

When Faith Moves Mountains

Turner Editores, 2005