Sandlines, the Story of History

Iraq, 2018-2020

A film by Francis Alÿin collaboration with the Iraq-based Ruya Foundation and Julien Devaux

61 minutes – Arabic with English subtitles

The children of a mountain village near Mosul reenact a century of Iraqi history, from the secret agreement of Sykes/Picot signed in 1916 to the realm of terror established by the Islamic State in 2016. The children revisit their past to understand their present.


Tournage I

Tournage II






Written & directed by

Francis Alÿs

Co-directed by

Julien Devaux

Filmed by

Julien Devaux

Ivan Boccara

Francis Alÿs

Edited by

Julien Devaux

Sound designed by

Felix Blume

Produced by

Francis Alÿs

in coproduction with

the Ruya Foundation

Executive production

Parwar Tariq

Color correction

Cinema Maquina

Phaedra Robledo

Visual effects

Kiri Films

Pepe Acosta

Costume designer

Francis Alÿs




Making of